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Homework: I Gotta Do This

This piece was written by Breeze Vincinz from the Poet's Jazz House Homework Writing Prompt, "I Gotta Do This"

I gotta do this

Take care of my beats

Take care of my teeth

Take care

Of my fam

Don’t fall for the flim flam

Make that money

Not the kind that’s funny

Tho I know ain’t nothing funny

When you ain’t got none

I gotta do this

Love and care

Put afro sheen on my bald head

Give love

To my fam

Don’t fall for the flim flam

Say what I need to say

Even if it ain’t the popular way

Like my love for being Black or my shame for being gay

But not all the time

I gotta do this

Acknowledge the Creator

Brought me here from the Equator


My fam

Don’t fall for the flim flam

Know my breath is a gift

All the rest is bullshit

The ego is counterfeit

There is only love


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