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In The Beginning...

So our FIRST podcast! It was a rocky road to get here but it was hands down an amazing experience! I do, however, feel a need to get some things out of the way. I think it has something to do with me living in Los Angeles/Hollywood and how I can already hear the chorus of haters out there who might have something demeaning to say so let's just lay a little groundwork shall we...

  1. THIS IS OUR FIRST PODCAST By first I mean FIRST. Absolutely FIRST. None of us have ever done a podcast before so you might here some burping, some farting... some peoples' phones ringing and they leave the podcast to answer it (!) But hey, it's all organic, it's all good, it's all fun.

  2. BREEZE WAS CALLING IN FROM LOS ANGELES For this particular podcast I did not use a microphone, instead I opted to call in from my home in Hollywood. Unfortunately the results were that it sounded like I opted to not use a microphone and instead called from my home in the middle of a sand and metal storm. Trust me, a microphone will be used for all subsequent shows.

  3. NO PROFANITY Now this isn't such a big deal for C.G. and Paco... but I curse like a sailor... constantly... and usually say something offensive and/or sexually provocative. But, this is a group effort and while I might like jokes that refer to different naughty parts of the human anatomy, I totally understand how my MUCH OLDER compatriots my not. So this podcast and all subsequent podcast will adhere to FCC codes of conduct and keep our soul clean (until I get pissed off and say some nasty s**t)

  4. WE HAD A BLAST I was somewhat expecting the experience to be okay but I have to say that it wasn't... it was unbelievable fun!

.. and we hope that got that from us, how much we enjoy doing this and look forward to your comments! See you next week!


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A preacher, a mother, a hedon, oh my! read on to see how we came together...

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A preacher, a mother, a hedon, oh my! read on to see how we came together...

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