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good conversation

laughter, friendship

about soulful salon podcast

The Soulful Salon Podcast is the brainchild of three distinct personalities drawn together by their love of politics, culture and the sound of their own voices. Chicago based C.G. and Paco independently have entertained the idea of producing their own separate podcasts in the past but as fate would have it, decided to combine their forces and make one together. Rounding out Soulful Salon is the "Ringo" of the group Breeze who resides in Hollywood, CA and just so happens to be the little brother of Paco.

While C.G. and Paco are both parents and reside in the Midwest, they have distinct ideas on culture, politics and music. While C.G.'s tastes run towards highbrow rock music and foreign movies, Paco is more comfortable with geek culture and gospel music. In the meantime, Breeze, the eternal bachelor, dips his toes in all of those genres with strong predilections towards Bear bars, transgressive fiction and alternative rock.


Once thing we they all share in common is their love of a good conversation as well as a shared admiration of pop culture as (remotely) mature African Americans who reside in different parts of the country.


They hope you enjoy the show and tell your friends!




Pacodakat is a citizen of the world but is a native of the United states of America. She is a philosopher, writer, actor and multi-platinum Grammy award winning, singer, song writer that is anonymously doing this podcast as a favor to her little brother (he owes her big-time). She believes podcasting will help her connect with all the little people out there who buy her music, books and movies. Her personal idols are Marvin The Paranoid Android, Daffy Duck, The Marx brothers and The Dude. She hopes that soulful salon is edifying to all who come to be fed. Peace  


C.G. is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Always a "jack of all trades, master of none" he studied at Columbia College in Chicago before attending seminary at Moody Bible Institute (Chicago). Currently he works for "the man" at O'Hare airport during the night and works for "The Man" the rest of the time as Youth Pastor at his church.

The arts have always been a passion for him from theater to television and from film to music. He's also a serious computer "geek" and a diehard and loyal "Trekkie". He's married and is the father of two teenage daughters.

Breeze Vincinz

Chicago native (and loving brother of Paco da Kat) Breeze Vincinz attended Memphis College of Art majoring in photography and art composition as well as Columbia College where he studied screenwriting/filmmaking and earned a BA in Liberal Arts. He currently writes and performs spoken word in Los Angeles and has self published a book of poetry (Life As A Boy) as well as a short story compilation (Dog & Pony Show). He has also designed and developed web sites for Women Alive, The National Council for Negro Women, Piccolo's Books, Poets Jazz House, At The Beach (ATB) Los Angeles Black Gay Pride and fellow Los Angeles artist Dale Guy Madison. More information about Breeze can be found on his website

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A preacher, a mother, a hedon, oh my! read on to see how we came together...

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A preacher, a mother, a hedon, oh my! read on to see how we came together...

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