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The CoWorkers will document 15 selected students as they form three individual advertising agencies. Each agency will produce marketing services for prodigious Black small businesses and nonprofits in Southern California. The CoWorkers production involves formatting all content into ten 1-hour episodes. 

Workforce Development


By following all of the student agencies and the behind-the-scenes activities, The Coworkers will give viewers a front-seat view of real-life small business marketing needs while preparing the students to enter the workforce.

Student Learning Objectives

  • Strengthen their soft and hard skills, and business acumen

  • Revitalize their communities by assisting deserving SoCal small businesses

  • Develop business relationships and create a body of work that will help them thrive in their new career search

  • Earn scholarship money for financial assistance to transition to a 4-year college or university

The Competition


Each agency will be assigned to a prodigious Southern California Black small business/nonprofit. The agencies will complete marketing projects that will promote the small businesses'/nonprofits' products, services, or goods. Mentors will be available for each agency to guide them through the process of completing their projects.


Each ad agency will be assigned marketing-based projects with a point system based on its completion and effectiveness as a team. Each team member will also individually be assigned a point system based on their participation in the project.


Each week, the ad agency with the highest point value will be designated the winner. (In the event of a tie, the mentors will collectively choose the winning team.)


All of the members of each winning weekly team will receive:

  • Employer References & Recommendations

  • Resume & Profile Optimization

  • Leadership Workshop Tuition

  • Virtual Networking Luncheon Invite


One member of each winning weekly team whose contributions are extraordinary will receive a technology-based prize (e.g., laptop, Chromebook, iPad, Surface Pro)


The team with the most points overall will be the winning team. (In the event of a tie, the mentors will collectively choose the winning team.)


The member of the winning team with the most points will be designated the winner of The CoWorkers. (In the event of a tie, the mentors, as well as all of the past contestants, will vote on a single winner.)

Application & Selection Process

  • Must be enrolled in a California Community College

  • Demographic data and surveying as part of the application process

  • Academic major and class is considered

  • Existing work experience collected

  • Short-term and long-term goals assessed

  • Video response to 3 essay questions

  • There will be brief, candid interviews of some of the participants, their goals in life, their goal for participating, and the communities from which they come from. 

  • In-Person Interview – Recorded via Zoom

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